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Yudu YuSiLo

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[28 May 2004|11:03am]

"Picture Pages
, Picture Pages,
Time to get your Picture Pages,
Time to get your crayons and your pencils..."
[closing] "You can play with Picture Pages,
FIll your day with Picture Pages,
'Till Bill Cosby does another Picture Page with you!"
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meowmeow [05 May 2004|06:40am]
I'm sleepies.

Pusher and I sleep together with our butts touching. Lately she's been cleaning my head. She holds me down and licks my paws and head. Is Pusher my mommycat?

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meow [22 Dec 2003|08:23am]
Daddy pee'd on my head. He was talking to mommy and I jumped on the water swirly and all this pee soaked my head. Its okay, he later used Biore' to wipe it off.

Pusher's fun to play with.
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[30 Nov 2003|11:03am]
This morning my nose was all full of boogies so I sneezed on mommy's face when she slept, then I sneezed on the wall behind daddy's head. Mommy and Daddy went small in the bathroom so I went peepee too in the caserole dish. I stepped in my smalls, then the litterbugs stuck to my paws. They went back to bed, so I wanted to follow, but they wouldn't let me. They kept calling me PeePee Paws.
Pusher was in the living room, going small too, so I went on the green couch and chewed on the teet buttons some more. Daddy went to the big water sprayer, that I'm not allowed in. Before Daddy gots all watered, he played with me, and I got all spinny and fell. Heee heee heee meow heee meow hee meow...
I'm gonna jump on the sides of the big water sprayer bucket.
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My buttons [27 Nov 2003|10:17am]
Today I crawled on mommy's green couch. Pusher always sleeps there, so I wanted to teach her good. ha ha ha! I was suckling on the teet-buttons, when I got swatted off. I'm going to get back on. Pusher is a meanie.
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pillows [26 Nov 2003|02:16pm]
This pillow is so soft on my fur. I wish I could breath better. Why does Pusher hate me? Mommy? When is Daddy getting home? I want to play with Daddy. Mommy seems happier today than she was earlier in the week. I dont like when Mommy cries.
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Sheesh [26 Nov 2003|06:43am]
So, there I was just chillin on the top of the couch, when Pusher just up and hissed at me, all psycho-like. Sometimes I get really sad that she wont even try to play with me. I just want to play with her. She stares me down all the time. She thinks I didn't know she was eating my food, but I see her. Mommy put a stop to it, though. I should poo soon. It almost smells normal. I need to stink it up. Last night, daddy smacked at me like a bug. I was so scared. I didn't come back till later, and I slept on mommy's feet. She didn't know though. I didn't want to get swatted again. Maybe I am a bug. Whats a bug? My eyes are so slimey. I wish my nose wasn't all plugged up. Oh, lookie. There is a string on the window I can bite!
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